Hi, I'm Devon,

and I love helping clients succeed.

I help clients solve problems

so they can level up.

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My Top Skills

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  • B2C, B2B sales
  • Account management & customer success
  • New client implementation
  • Digital marketing - video, podcasting, blogs, SEO
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Uncovering customer needs/problems/goals
  • Zoom presentations & demos
  • Lead generation and CRM tools
  • Organizational & planning
  • Impeccable customer follow-ups
  • Effective time-management
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Career Wins

  • Consistently ranked in top 5 salespeople company-wide in new home sales
  • Managed $25M+ in annual medical claims across 15+ national accounts
  • Successfully onboarded 20+ new payer accounts
  • Delivered an impressive Average Monthly Percent of Savings of 47.13% as Network Contract Negotiator
  • Closed 45% successful work comp claims negotiations out of 400+ claims, generating average revenue of $1.1 million annually

My Top Accounts

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The Power of Confidence in Sales

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Confidence is a powerful asset in the world of sales.

It creates the perception of knowledge and trustworthiness. A salesperson with confidence is more likely to be successful and build a

strong customer base.

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My Professional Background

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For over 10 years, I dedicated my career to saving healthcare payers money.

Insurance carriers that specialized in work-related injuries relied on my team to negotiate medical bills on their behalf.

Starting as an Executive Assistant, my responsibilities evolved as I was promoted several times, ultimately landing me in National Account Management and Business Development.

My roles involved analyzing medical billing trends to identify discrepancies, negotiating better rates with healthcare providers, and ultimately achieving significant cost savings for our clients.

Throughout my tenure, I developed expertise in payer-provider collaboration, workers comp compliance, and healthcare billing practices.

My contributions helped to improve the bottom line for our payer clients while ensuring that injured workers received quality medical care at a fair price.

Talk less, listen more

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The best salespeople know how to peel back the onion to discover where client pain lies.

Why do I love working for a fast-growing company?

Working at a startup can be an exhilarating experience!

The potential for growth and innovation inspires collaboration toward a shared mission.

Startups are where progress trumps ego, and you learn to be resourceful.

Samples of My Work

Curious to know how I can help?

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Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas